General Services

Quality Customized Services

At Apex we pride ourselves on creating healthy, happy environments through the use of environmentally safe cleaning products and practices.  Our expertise stems from 30 + years of combined professional service in the janitorial industry- every member of our staff has served as a janitorial and/or labor professional.  This unmatched experience coupled with our evolving practices and advanced green cleaning methodologies allow us to customize packages for clients in such a way that they receive the best-in-class cleaning solutions at an affordable rate.  Learn more about how Apex's green cleaning approach maintains environmental integrity, here.

General Cleaning Solutions

We offer all types of general cleaning services including vacuuming, low/high dusting, wiping and disinfecting horizontal surfaces, as well as bathroom cleaning and restocking.  From office building and retail space to rental properties and store fronts, our staff will ensure your business's space is looking and smelling clean. 


Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Using a combination of the environmentally safe chemicals and state-of-the-art equipment is essential in sanitizing carpets and killing the bacteria we do not see beneath the surface. Apex's staff is professionally trained to service your carpets and provide guidance in regard to maintenance programs and procedures that can prolong the life of your carpets while keeping them sanitary.


Window Washing Programs

Whether it is interior or exterior, our professionally trained and certified staff can fulfill your window washing-needs.  From retail store fronts to office building facades, often times windows are the first thing customers see.  Do not let business be deterred by fingerprint-filled, dirty windows.  






Quality Customized Services

At Apex, we understand that different industries and business types require specialized services.  Therefore, we offer customized packages to suit your business's cleaning needs.  From customized floor care to industrial steam cleaning, we have you covered. 


Stripping, Scrubbing, Waxing

At Apex, we realize each floor type requires specialized stripping, scrubbing, and waxing services.  That is why our floor care specialists will survey your area and provide you with a detailed care program that will maintain the shine and integrity of your floors.



Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

Our fully trained staff uses proven methods for removing grease and flammable residues from the interior and exterior surfaces of kitchen equipment.  From hood, duct, and fan exteriors to oven and rotisserie interiors, our industrial kitchen cleaning solutions ensure health code compliance and decrease safety hazards.



Commercial Steam Cleaning

According to the ISSA, 94% of customers will avoid a business with dirty restrooms.  One way to kill 99% of bacteria, grime, and germs living in your restrooms is steam cleaning.  Our state-of-the art, industrial grade steam cleaners cut through long-standing dirt and grime.  In addition to restrooms, turf, carpets, and kitchens can also benefit from steam cleaning.  



Tile and Grout Cleaning

Maintaining the integrity of your floors while ensuring complete sanitation is our number one priority.  That is why we use industrial grade pressure washers with environmentally-safe chemicals to scrub tile and grout.  Our specialized equipment and trained staff will keep your tile shining and your grout spotless without compromising its texture.   




What is Green Cleaning? 

Green cleaning requires janitorial companies to reduce their impact on the environment through the use of environmentally safe chemicals, equipment, and practices.



Why Green Cleaning? 

According to The Environmental Working Group here in the U.S., approximately 53% of standard, non-green cleaning products have contaminates that harm one's lungs, and approximately 70% of non-green cleaning chemicals contain agents that can harm one's skin.  If the janitorial industry continues to use such products, it will continue to threaten the safety of our workers, customers, and communities.  Employing green cleaning regiments is essential to ensure the health, happiness, and safety of our environments while lowering our carbon footprint.  



What We Do...

At Apex we work with our distributors to ensure our customers'  cleaning needs are met safely.  We use Green Seal Certified chemicals in all our locations.  Additionally, we use Green Seal Certified distribution systems that reduce chemical waste by distributing the exact ratio of chemicals we need.  This green clean technology is not only environmentally safe, it allows us to reduce waste and cost-- a value that we pass on to our customers. 



Need Cleaning Solutions?

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  • Integrity

    Achieving excellent outcomes while authentically serving our clients is engrained in Apex's culture.  Our mission is to maintain healthy, happy environments.  Therefore, integrity in our work, our products, and our business model is essential.  Learn more about how integrity permeates our organization in our Why Us section. 

  • Innovation

    Our environments are ever-evolving, therefore, our cleaning solutions should do the same. At Apex we believe innovation is the key to maintaining healthy, happy environments in our ever-changing world.  Read about how our innovative, green clean approach is on the cutting edge of the janitorial services industry.

  • Community

    Our goal is not to simply maintain health and happiness for individuals.  Instead, through our cleaning solutions, we seize the opportunity to maintain health and happiness for our communities.  Learn more about how Apex helps maintain healthy, happy communities here

  • Diversity

    Diversity helps breed a constantly-evolving, constructive employee community full of unique talents, perspectives, and abilities.  Apex's diverse work environment helps our employees passionately work toward maintaining healthy, happy environments for our clients and communities.  Apply to become a part of our team here


Apex Cleaning Solutions, LLC. is a FULL SERVICE Commercial Cleaning Company servicing Connecticut. We are a Veteran Owned & Family Operated company with over 35 years of combined experience that focuses on maintaining consistently high standards through quality cleaning workmanship and a customized competitive pricing model.


The management staff at Apex Cleaning Solutions, LLC. is trained to provide a quality of work that far EXCEEDS our competitors. Our standard operating procedure is to continually evaluate and assess the quality of work being performed by our staff throughout the life of each contract. It is through our vigilant hands-on approach that our clients are consistently satisfied.