About Apex Cleaning Solutions

Our Mission
At Apex Cleaning Solutions LLC our goal is not to simply clean.  Our goal is to ensure our clients, families, and communities can maintain healthy, happy environments.  We work diligently to provide affordable, top-quality, and environmentally safe cleaning solutions for our clients and communities because we believe people should not have to comprise in maintaining a healthy, happy environment.


Our History

Apex Cleaning Solutions, LLC. is a Veteran Owned & Family Operated company with over 35 years of combined experience that focuses on delivering consistently high  quality cleaning workmanship through a customized, competitive pricing model.  The CEO and his family have served in the janitorial industry their entire lives- cleaning is woven into the very fabric of the company.  Learn more about the owners here.


Why Us?

Memberships & Certifications

Apex is a certified Small, Minority, and soon-to-be Veteran Owned and OSHA Certified Business Enterprise.  These certifications paired with our ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) Membership grant our company access to the best-in-class training and development as well as ever-evolving business approaches- a combination that produces unmatched value for our clients.

Quality Control 

One concern that has beset the janitorial industry is performance consistency and employee timeliness.  Our Jobber Fleet Management Software not only ensures our workers are punctual, it tracks successful job completion.

Customized Value

At Apex, we recognize our clients have different cleaning needs.  Therefore, we steer clear of standardized packages and rates; instead, we custom build cleaning packages, both long-term and short-term, to ensure we maximize affordability without compromising quality.

Verified, Trained Staff  

In addition to running routine background checks on all our staff, each employee is professionally trained, so you can relax knowing the job will meet our company's standard of excellence and safety.



  • Integrity

    Achieving excellent outcomes while authentically serving our clients is engrained in Apex's culture.  Our mission is to maintain healthy, happy environments.  Therefore, integrity in our work, our products, and our business model is essential.  Learn more about how integrity permeates our organization in our Why Us section. 

  • Innovation

    Our environments are ever-evolving, therefore, our cleaning solutions should do the same. At Apex we believe innovation is the key to maintaining healthy, happy environments in our ever-changing world.  Read about how our innovative, green clean approach is on the cutting edge of the janitorial services industry.

  • Community

    Our goal is not to simply maintain health and happiness for individuals.  Instead, through our cleaning solutions, we seize the opportunity to maintain health and happiness for our communities.  Learn more about how Apex helps maintain healthy, happy communities here

  • Diversity

    Diversity helps breed a constantly-evolving, constructive employee community full of unique talents, perspectives, and abilities.  Apex's diverse work environment helps our employees passionately work toward maintaining healthy, happy environments for our clients and communities.  Apply to become a part of our team here


Apex Cleaning Solutions, LLC. is a FULL SERVICE Commercial Cleaning Company servicing Connecticut. We are a Veteran Owned & Family Operated company with over 35 years of combined experience that focuses on maintaining consistently high standards through quality cleaning workmanship and a customized competitive pricing model.


The management staff at Apex Cleaning Solutions, LLC. is trained to provide a quality of work that far EXCEEDS our competitors. Our standard operating procedure is to continually evaluate and assess the quality of work being performed by our staff throughout the life of each contract. It is through our vigilant hands-on approach that our clients are consistently satisfied.